3 Tips for Authentic Self-Promotion

Most people I work with in my coaching practice say to me…

“I believe if I do a good job, my work should speak for me and I will be recognized for the great work I do. I’m not comfortable self-promoting.”

Then I ask…

“So how is that strategy working for you? Are you getting the recognition you believe you deserve?”

I inevitably get a sheepish look, followed by the words “hmm, not so well” or some version of that.

At that point they are open to addressing their discomfort with self-promotion and we can move forward.

How about you? Are you comfortable self-promoting?

Yes, I’m asking you.

Don’t run away. Stay with me.

I’m not talking about the type of self-promotion that makes you feel like you’re boasting or bragging.


What I’m talking about is Authentic Self-Promotion.

It’s the type of self-promotion that feels true, congruent, ethical and uplifting to you.

It’s the type that lets you showcase your gifts to the world, and leaves you feeling fulfilled.

And it makes people want to engage with you and learn more about you.

It’s an art that you can learn.

Here are 3 tips to get you on your way.

1. Change your thinking about self-promotion

If you stop thinking about self-promotion as this dirty, awkward or comfortable thing and start to see it as a way to make you visible so that you can get the recognition you deserve, it becomes easier to master.

2. Observe others

Look for people who you think self-promote in an admirable way. What can you learn from them? Make it your mission to deeply and curiously study what they are doing right and model that.

3. Practice

Now that you’ve observed a few things that you can model, look for opportunities to take a turn. Keep practicing authentic self-promotion, get feedback, adjust until you can do it without discomfort.

Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet – in the most authentic way.

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