Learn to promote yourself and your work, so that you can secure your next role, get paid more or land the leadership position you so desire and keep thinking about.

Here's the deal...

There are only three things you need to know to be able to self-promote with authenticity and confidence

They are:

  1. POSITIONING - How to position yourself and your work so that decision makers will think of you during closed-door discussions!
  2. STRATEGY - How to figure out what gets rewarded at work and then do that!
  3. TACTICS - How to master the actions you must take to come across as confident and authentic when self-promoting!


Once you know these three things you can self-promote like a pro, with remarkable results.

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Authentic Self-Promotion

Date & time :

5 February 2021

4.00  PM US Pacific Time 

7.00  PM US Eastern Time 


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Learn the fastest method that will get you FROM "I don't know how to self-promote at work without feeling sleazy", TO "I can self-promote with authenticity and confidence", and also learn how you can make this monumental shift in a matter of days, and without boasting, bragging or being ostracised.

The 3 Pillars of Authentic Self-Promotion

will help you STOP

...Thinking of self-promotion at work as a dirty, awkward or uncomfortable thing

...Being blind to the critical things that are valued and rewarded in your organisation 

...Hiding and dismissing yourself when the best opportunities to self-promote are presented

...ultimately holding yourself back from job promotions, bigger assignments, high profile projects and the coveted leadership positions that you dream of…mostly in secret.

The Authentic Self-Promotion Workshop

Instead, when you learn the 3 Pillars of

Authentic Self-Promotion, you will START to:

...Showcase your gift and talents, your good work, your contribution and achievements to the world in a way that leaves you feeling clean, congruent, fulfilled and full of integrity

...Become visible and get recognition for your work and contribution

...Secure more promotions, bonuses, pay, rewards and appreciation

...Gain exposure to career enhancing high profile work and to key senior decision makers

This workshop is a game changer!

Reserve your seat now and join us live for the workshop that will change the way you think about Self-Promotion at work.

Your Workshop Host:

Nancy Kabaara

Lead Coach, Thrive At Work, www.thriveatwork.com.au 

At Thrive At Work, we help unstoppable professional women, a.k.a. secretly ambitious women, breakthrough real and perceived barriers to realising their dreams and aspirations at work. 

These are women who have a strong desire and determination to succeed, but NOT at all costs and certainly NOT by all means. They are women who work on improving themselves and showing up at their best. They are women who know that they have a lot to give but sometimes give in to self-doubt and fear.

Nancy works with these unstoppable women, one-on-one and in groups, teaching them strategies, opening them up to new ways of thinking and keeping them accountable as they implement what they learn and as they shine. 

Nancy is a certified coach, MBA and a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and has spent many years in executive leadership roles helping organisations and individuals maximise their contribution as individuals and in teams. Many refer to her as "an ambitious woman’s secret ingredient". 

She will guide you to present your best self in the most authentic way that gets results. Come learn more...

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