Can’t stop Procrastinating? Here is some help

Do you find yourself procrastinating despite a real desire to complete that outstanding project or task?

You can’t explain it, but every time you think of dealing with that task, you remember 101 other things that need doing first.

You find yourself stuck!

You can’t understand why there is so much resistance to getting that project or task completed.

Let me shine a light on the probable source of the problem. You are experiencing one of the following…perhaps you’re experiencing two, or maybe all three root causes.

The 3 things that could be working against you are…FEAR, UNCERTAINTY or DOUBT.


If fear is stopping you, then the best antidote is to START. Do the smallest action you can think of to get moving. For example, if you want to write that blog post, then open up a blank document and type the heading of your post, save the document, and that’s it. Come back tomorrow and write the first sentence and see how fast that blog gets written.


If uncertainty is causing you to procrastinate, the answer is to build momentum first by doing ONE THING. Stop looking at the end picture or the list of all the required steps to accomplish the goal. Instead focus on one step in the process. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t make that a big deal. Just pick one thing and do it. It does not matter where it fits in the sequence, just do that one thing. Then ask yourself what you can do next, and do that. You will find your flow.


If you find yourself procrastinating because you are not convinced of your ability to succeed, the best strategy is to FINISH something. Pick one small item that is almost done and finish it. The sense of accomplishment will give you the energy and confidence to get more things done.

Any one of FEAR, UNCERTAINTY or DOUBT is helping you procrastinate. Don’t become good friends with them. Get rid of them FAST!

Challenge yourself to pick the one thing you believe is holding you back the most and try the remedy I’ve suggested. Let me know how you go:

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