How to become more 


at work


Did you know that most people believe that they have no influence over whether or not

they get their next promotion? 

A survey I ran revealed that 97% of respondents believed that their next promotion was "entirely in the hands of their manager" and that there was "nothing they could do about it".

I'm here to tell you that you can absolutely INFLUENCE your next promotion.

The way to do it is to eliminate 3 critical mistakes 

that are holding you back from your next promotion!

Join the free webinar to:

  • Identify the 3 mistakes you need to stop making to enable you to FAST TRACK your way to your next promotion

  • Shift your thinking so you can find new ways of boosting your CONFIDENCE and making your promotion happen

  • Impress your key stakeholders and become "TOP OF MIND" during promotion discussions 



Most people believe that doing a good job is enough to get them a promotion.

Or that it is entirely up to their manager and that they have no influence over matters.

This may be true for entry-level roles.

But it simply is not true for mid-career professionals. 

If you have ambitions for yourself and want to progress your career,

you have to so something to position yourself for a promotion. 

And with the inevitable rise of automation, promotions will go to those who 

do so much more to STAND OUT! 

How are you positioned for this new world?

Come join the free webinar for your chance to fast track 


by using 3 often ignored, yet powerful strategies,

so that

you can accelerate your career growth, earn more


start loving Mondays


spending your precious time or thousands of dollars on another qualification or certification!

This will be super-useful for you if you...


* Have been WAITING for the next promotion and you're now losing hope

* Have asked for a promotion and keep being told that the time was "NOT RIGHT"

* Have stood by the sidelines and watched LESS COMPETENT colleagues get promoted

* Want to be RECOGNISED and REWARDED for the great work you do

* Know that there is so more that you can offer at work, given A CHANCE

* Are FRUSTRATED and just want to know what to do next to move ahead

Join the webinar

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that get you


It's all happening at the following times:

On Thursday 17 December at

7pm in SYDNEY

8am in LONDON

and again at

6pm EST in the US

(i.e. Friday 18 December at 10am in SYDNEY)

If the time does not suit, sign up anyway and you'll get access to the replay for a limited time only.


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Nancy Kabaara helps mid-level to senior professionals find more meaning, more success and more fulfilment at work.

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