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Thrive At Work


Help mid-career professionals navigate the ups and downs of work and life, so they can experience more meaning, more satisfaction and ultimately, more success!

Having a 'thriving work life' is key to waking up every morning looking forward to work.

At THRIVE AT WORK you will discover resources, tools and coaching you can easily and quickly use to increase your SUCCESS and therefore SATISFACTION at work, and in life. We will support you through your major change, difficult transition or total reinvention.

Our focus is on sharing simple strategies, not taught in school or university, that will give you remarkable results.

We thrive on helping you to find the clarity and support to get Noticed, Appreciated and Rewarded at work, in business and in life.

After working with us you will walk away feeling Competent, Confident and Courageous, and well equipped to use your unique strengths to unlock your potential, increase your impact and accelerate your success.

      Let's have a conversation if:

  • You want to get to the next level or next promotion
  • You want to unlock your true, or full, potential
  • You want to stop procrastinating
  • You want to find meaning and live your purpose
  • You want to navigate a transition or reinvent yourself

     When we must have a conversation:

  • You dread Mondays
  • You're feeling stuck or overwhelmed 
  • You're feeling invisible or under-appreciated at work
  • You've lost passion for your work, business or life
  • You're burnt out and don't know what to do

Let's chat...

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P.S. Your success is on the other side of a conversation.


What past clients have said...

Jeannette F.

“Nancy was instrumental in helping me clarifying my goals, putting a framework around those goals and showing me how to be more effective in how I spend my time and energies.  Consequently I feel well prepared.”

Shima M

"Nancy Kabaara challenged my perceptions on what I thought was working well to succeed at interviews. As a result, I secured the job I applied for and always reflect on the guidance provided, for any form of interactions with my stakeholders. I would definitely recommend Thrive at Work which personalises their services for your individual work situation”.

Inandi W.

“Before I started working with Nancy I felt quite confused as to what the “next step” should be for someone like me, trying to switch from one industry to another. A friend referred me to Nancy and I’m so grateful that she did.

The A-Z of Thriving At Work

Download this guide and explore 26 ways to make work more rewarding